Friday, June 29, 2007

Lap Dances and Golf

Strippers on a golf course were topless, but neighbors weren't helpless. They caught it all on tape.

"You could easily see it from the road with the naked eye," said Dave Gold.

Half naked women were captured on video from the road next to Cherry Valley Golf Course in Stroud Township.

CR Fannys in Wilson, PA was holding a private golf outing at Cherry Valley, with some proceeds benefiting disabled veterans. The strip club owner said they've been doing it for years and there's nothing wrong with it.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Owen Wilson rides bike to Scores West

"Since his recent split with now ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson has apparently chosen to revert back to the life of a bachelor.

‘The Wedding Crashers’ actor was just recently spotted pedaling his bicycle up to Scores West Side to enjoy a little topless dancing. That’s right… he pulled up to a strip club on a mountain bike, helmet and all.

The report from the NY Post goes on to say, “Wilson parked his two-wheeler at the mammary mecca’s check room and then sat down to enjoy the topless talent.”

After watching the ladies’ pole dancing routines for awhile, Owen decided to go get some buddies from a nearby bar to join in on the stripperrific festivities.

“After a few hours, he said he was meeting friends at another club to bring back to Scores and could he leave the bike. They said, ‘No problem,’ “ Page Six’s source added.

Whether the whole bike routine was an eco-friendly move or an attempt to avoid a DUI is unknown… with Owen yet to comment on his recent guy’s night out."

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Young Jeezy Arrested at ATL Strip Club

An argument at a suburban Atlanta strip club netted a disorderly conduct charge for rapper Young Jeezy and some friends, authorities said.

The rapper, whose given name is Jay Jenkins, was arrested after the incident at Strokers Club in Clarkston, said DeKalb County police spokesman Michael Payne.

It happened Thursday around 3 a.m., Payne said.

"Evidently there was some type of altercation in the club, someone didn't want to leave," Payne said. "It turns out one of the people in the group was Jay Jenkins or Young Jeezy. Evidently he was there with his sister and some friends."

Payne said off-duty police officers from the nearby community of Pine Lake were handling security at the club, and called for backup from the county police.

He said Jenkins and two male friends were booked on disorderly conduct charges at the DeKalb jail and quickly released. He said Jenkins' sister was given a citation for disorderly conduct but was not booked at the jail.

"There was no physical confrontation. It was all verbal and basically being belligerent," Payne said.

Dekalb County authorities could not immediately provide the status of the charges.

A spokesman for Young Jeezy's distribution company, Corporate Thugz Entertainment, did not immediately return a call asking for comment. The rapper got his start in Macon and Atlanta.

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