Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stripper Comped for Pole Injury

A court has upheld a worker's compensation award for an exotic dancer who was injured while performing on a pole at a strip club.

The Indiana Court of Appeals on Tuesday not only ruled in favor of Angela Hobson, it ordered the state Worker's Compensation Board to review the case to determine if she was entitled to double compensation.

Court records said Hobson suffered neck pain and numbness after injuring herself while dancing on a pole at the Shangri-La West club in Fort Wayne on Dec. 20, 2001, and later underwent surgery for a herniated disc in her cervical spine.

Hobson said she reported her injury to her employers, but they later denied knowledge of the injury. She filed a worker's compensation claim in 2003.

The state worker's compensation board in 2006 awarded her temporary total disability benefits and other compensation totaling more than $10,000 and found that Shangri-La did not have a worker's compensation policy and was not approved as a self-insurer.
Shangri-La appealed, arguing that the board erred when it found Hobson more credible than its witnesses. But the court declined to reweigh the evidence and upheld the original award, adding a 5 percent increase due to the passage of time.

The court also instructed the board to determine whether Hobson was entitled to double compensation due in part to the allegation that Shangri-La violated Indiana law by not having worker's compensation insurance.

Dino Zurzolo, who owned the club at the time, said the lack of worker's compensation insurance at the time was a temporary oversight due to a missed payment.

The Associated Press left a phone message Tuesday seeking comment from attorney Samuel Bolinger, who represents Wholesalers Inc., the company that does business as Shangri-La.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lap Dances and Golf

Strippers on a golf course were topless, but neighbors weren't helpless. They caught it all on tape.

"You could easily see it from the road with the naked eye," said Dave Gold.

Half naked women were captured on video from the road next to Cherry Valley Golf Course in Stroud Township.

CR Fannys in Wilson, PA was holding a private golf outing at Cherry Valley, with some proceeds benefiting disabled veterans. The strip club owner said they've been doing it for years and there's nothing wrong with it.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Owen Wilson rides bike to Scores West

"Since his recent split with now ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson has apparently chosen to revert back to the life of a bachelor.

‘The Wedding Crashers’ actor was just recently spotted pedaling his bicycle up to Scores West Side to enjoy a little topless dancing. That’s right… he pulled up to a strip club on a mountain bike, helmet and all.

The report from the NY Post goes on to say, “Wilson parked his two-wheeler at the mammary mecca’s check room and then sat down to enjoy the topless talent.”

After watching the ladies’ pole dancing routines for awhile, Owen decided to go get some buddies from a nearby bar to join in on the stripperrific festivities.

“After a few hours, he said he was meeting friends at another club to bring back to Scores and could he leave the bike. They said, ‘No problem,’ “ Page Six’s source added.

Whether the whole bike routine was an eco-friendly move or an attempt to avoid a DUI is unknown… with Owen yet to comment on his recent guy’s night out."

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Young Jeezy Arrested at ATL Strip Club

An argument at a suburban Atlanta strip club netted a disorderly conduct charge for rapper Young Jeezy and some friends, authorities said.

The rapper, whose given name is Jay Jenkins, was arrested after the incident at Strokers Club in Clarkston, said DeKalb County police spokesman Michael Payne.

It happened Thursday around 3 a.m., Payne said.

"Evidently there was some type of altercation in the club, someone didn't want to leave," Payne said. "It turns out one of the people in the group was Jay Jenkins or Young Jeezy. Evidently he was there with his sister and some friends."

Payne said off-duty police officers from the nearby community of Pine Lake were handling security at the club, and called for backup from the county police.

He said Jenkins and two male friends were booked on disorderly conduct charges at the DeKalb jail and quickly released. He said Jenkins' sister was given a citation for disorderly conduct but was not booked at the jail.

"There was no physical confrontation. It was all verbal and basically being belligerent," Payne said.

Dekalb County authorities could not immediately provide the status of the charges.

A spokesman for Young Jeezy's distribution company, Corporate Thugz Entertainment, did not immediately return a call asking for comment. The rapper got his start in Macon and Atlanta.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fantasy Island of Tempe, AZ Burned to the Ground

"Firefighters from Rural/Metro Fire Department, Scottsdale and Tempe are still mopping up hot spots at the former Fantasy Island club, just east of Curry Street and Scottsdale Road, said District Chief Michael Long of Rural/Metro.

Long said two people were still inside the club cleaning up after it closed at 4:15 a.m. when they discovered the fire. The cleanup crew members grabbed some portable fire extinguishers and tried to put out the fire from outside the building, but were unable to do so.

Firefighters received a 911 call shortly after 5:30 a.m. and found smoke visible inside and outside the building. Firefighters quickly assumed a defensive posture, with the cause of the fire difficult to reach because the building had been expanded several times and had attics and empty spaces, Long said.

Long declared the 9,000-square-foot building a total loss, but said no dollar amount had been determined. Rural/Metro, the Maricopa County Arson Task Force and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office all are investigating because of the high dollar loss and the size of the building, he said."

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Pony in Memphis Removes "Got Boobs?" Billboard

A controversial billboard located on US 61 is coming down.

The Pony owner Charles "Jerry" Westlund has agreed to take down a billboard that reads "Got Boobs?" that's located along the northbound side of US 61 on the way to Memphis from Tunica.

Westlund and Walls Mayor Gene Alday reached an agreement Tuesday.

Alday says the pair talked businessman to businessman and Westlund agreed to change the sign and replace it with something more suitable.

Memphis attorney Edward Bearman represents Westlund and says his client is happy with the outcome.

Alday says he's been told by Westlund that the printer is already at work on another billboard.

The controversial billboard is the second of three -- the series is designed to draw customers to The Pony.

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Crazy Horse Too liquor license deadline

The Las Vegas City Council is again considering the fate of a well-known strip club just off the Las Vegas Strip.

A temporary liquor license the council granted to Crazy Horse Too manager Michael Signoreli expires tomorrow (Wednesday). Not having a liquor license would hurt the business.But the city has already granted two temporary licenses -- and can't grant any more.

Signoreli took over after long-time owner Rick Rizzolo was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison. Rizzolo agreed to sell his interest in the club. 16 other current and former Crazy Horse Too employees also pleaded to reduced charges and were sentenced to end a decade-long federal probe of whether the club was tied to the mob.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Albuquerque's SunVan bus - Next Stop Knockouts

Mayor irritated at use of taxpayer dollars.

On March 2, ABQ Ride's SunVan paratransit service gave 671 door-to-door rides to people who - because of some disability - weren't able to use the regular fixed-route bus service.

Assuming the usual pattern prevailed that day, most of those riders were looking to get to work or medical appointments. The rest used the service, which is mandated under the Americans with Disabilities Act, to get to places like restaurants, shops, movie theaters and churches.

And three of those rides, according to ABQ Ride Director Greg Payne, went to Knockouts, a Downtown strip club.

Taxpayer dollars doled out so someone could go to a strip club?

Something's wrong with that, say Payne and Mayor Martin Chavez. But their ideas for changing the "problem," as they see it, are angering some in the disabled community and might be in violation of federal civil rights law.

Ideally, Payne said, SunVan would be allowed to prioritize, so someone going to work or a medical appointment would have priority over someone going to the mall or a strip club.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

City Ordinance May Change the Rules at Michelle's Beach House

Derby, KS

The city told her it was OK to open the strip club, now they're saying only if you follow the new rules.

Customers can not touch and dancers can't bare too much. Those are some of the laws listed in a new Derby ordinance pertaining to adult entertainment.

Michelle Borin, the owner of Michelle's Beach House says the new ordinance should not apply to her club.

She says the city of Derby allowed her to move her strip club closer to town and allowed her to open for business.

Less than a month later, she says the city changed the ordinance.

Borin says this is how she's run her business for the last ten years.

Borin says, "I should be grand-fathered in and with this new ordinance. If anyone wants to come to the city of Derby, that should apply to them."

Derby City Manager, Kathy Sexton, says when the city creates or changes its ordinance, they pertain to everyone.

Borin has already taken her case to court.

On Friday, a Sedgwick County judge issued a temporary restraining order, allowing dancers to abide by the old ordinance for two weeks.


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great story about Tom Katz in Flora Vista, NM

A 37-year-old Aztec man was arrested March 4 after refusing to pay for lap dances at a local strip club, and then drunkenly driving his van three feet into the Flora Vista business.

At around 1 a.m. March 4, deputies were called to the Flora Vista strip club after employees reported that someone had driven into the side of building with a van, Truby said. Deputies were provided a description of the van and a possible license plate number, and arrested Charley before arriving at Tom Katz.

When deputies later arrived at the club, they learned Charley had been there and was receiving lap dances from some of the female dancers. When Charley refused to pay for some of the dances, bouncers began to escort him out of the building.

Charley "became belligerent and attempted to hit one of the bouncers," Truby said. Once outside the building, Charley paid for his dances and got into his van to leave.

The bouncers went back into the building when they heard a loud crash.

"Witnesses heard a loud noise, looked over and the doors were almost pushed open and there was a lot of light coming through," Truby said. "That's when (Charley) backed up his van and started driving at the building again."

One bouncer was forced to jump inside an office near the front doors when Charley rammed the entrance. The van eventually came to a stop nearly three feet inside the strip club.

Charley then backed out of the club and drove toward Aztec.

Truby said the incident was a rare occurrence, noting the damage to the building was estimated to be $1,000.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Ecstasy Pills At Strip Club

Beaverton, OR -- Washington County authorities arrested a Beaverton man after they said he hid 1,001 Ecstasy pills in the parking lot of a strip club Wednesday.

The FBI and a Washington County narcotics team arrested Phat Nguyen, 35, on several drug-related charges.

Investigators said they saw Nguyen hide a bag in the parking lot of the Dolphin II Gentleman’s Club on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway in Beaverton. When officers recovered the bag, authorities said they found 1,001 Ecstasy pills.

A sheriff’s deputy later stopped Nguyen in his car and he was taken into custody.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said there is no evidence linking the strip club to Nguyen.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Prostitution bust at Scores NYC

NYC Swingers & Sex

There is legal trouble at the strip club Scores and now, several dancers are under arrest and charged with prostitution.

All were taken into custody during an undercover sting operation. Police suspect sexual activity is happening inside the club.

Undercover cops with the vice squad entered the club late Wednesday night and they allege that several dancers engaged them in sexually explicit conversation, and allegedly told the undercover officers that some of the rooms here could be rented for sexual acts.

An attorney for the seven people arrested denies the charges and says that each of these individuals has pleaded not guilty and expects after a thorough investigation to be vindicated.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

New strip club on 8 Mile?

On the heels of a city battle over a new Larry Flynt Hustler Club in downtown Detroit, another skirmish is brewing over a topless bar being proposed on 8 Mile on the site of a former go-kart track.

Community advocates working to revitalize the corridor are calling for a moratorium on such businesses, arguing the city already has 33 such bars, nine of which are located on the famed boundary between the city and suburbs.


Fisher, executive director of the Detroit Community Initiative, a nonprofit that works in northeast Detroit, where the new bar is planned, and other advocates plan to voice their concerns at a Jan. 31 hearing before the city's Department of Buildings and Safety Engineering, where the property's owner will apply to use the land for a topless bar.

The 6-acre property on 8 Mile and Mt. Elliott is zoned for industrial use. Under the city's regulations, new topless bars cannot open on land zoned for commercial use, but they can open on land zoned for industrial use.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Al's Diamond Cabaret gets liquor license

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"The days of customers lugging cases of beer into a renowned Reading strip club are about to end.

Al's Diamond Cabaret, 1810 N Fifth St, has received conditional approval for a liquor license from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, agency spokeswoman Dawn R. Petrosky said.

The agency in November approved transferring a restaurant liquor license held by Terrapin Station Inc. at 5 N. Ninth St. to Al's Diamond Cabaret, Petrosky said.

Obtaining a liquor license will allow the bottle club where patrons had been paying an entrance fee and bringing in their own booze to start selling liquor.

Petrosky said the club, which serves food, must pass a final inspection by the PLCB before alcohol can be served."

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