Tuesday, March 20, 2007

City Ordinance May Change the Rules at Michelle's Beach House

Derby, KS

The city told her it was OK to open the strip club, now they're saying only if you follow the new rules.

Customers can not touch and dancers can't bare too much. Those are some of the laws listed in a new Derby ordinance pertaining to adult entertainment.

Michelle Borin, the owner of Michelle's Beach House says the new ordinance should not apply to her club.

She says the city of Derby allowed her to move her strip club closer to town and allowed her to open for business.

Less than a month later, she says the city changed the ordinance.

Borin says this is how she's run her business for the last ten years.

Borin says, "I should be grand-fathered in and with this new ordinance. If anyone wants to come to the city of Derby, that should apply to them."

Derby City Manager, Kathy Sexton, says when the city creates or changes its ordinance, they pertain to everyone.

Borin has already taken her case to court.

On Friday, a Sedgwick County judge issued a temporary restraining order, allowing dancers to abide by the old ordinance for two weeks.


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