Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pink Pony South patrons being harassed

The owners of Forest Park's newest strip club say their patrons are being unlawfully harassed by the Clayton County Sheriff's Office.

On Monday, the owners of Pink Pony South said they are drafting a federal lawsuit against Sheriff Victor Hill.

The sheriff's office set up a road check on Frontage Road on Friday night — two days after the adult entertainment complex opened.

"They set up police blockades and searched our customers," said Aubrey T. Villines Jr., the club's attorney.

Villines said he complained to the Sheriff's Office, but got no response.

The deputies returned again Saturday. This time, they told Pink Pony management it was a random road check designed to catch drunk drivers, Villines said.

Villines argues the sheriff's department was targeting the club, since the patrols were set up on Frontage Road — a remote access road home to only a few industrial businesses and the club.

"You can't just put up a roadblock to drive someone out of business," he said. "It is not merely coincidence that they put a road check in during the same week an adult entertainment place opened. This is an area they don't even [routinely] patrol. This is not happenstance."

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