Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Stripper Shoe Injury

Another man has filed a lawsuit against the owner of a strip club after being injured by a dancer's shoe at the premises.

Charles Privette, 35, was visiting the Booby Trap club in Pompano Beach, Florida, when a performer's shoe flew off and smashed a mirrored ceiling, causing both the shoe and glass to hit him.

Privette is now seeking $15,000 in damages with the suit, which claims that the employee "failed to perform her routine in a reasonably safe manner".

The man's attorney added that he had suffered a small cut to his eyebrow, headaches and nose bleeds since making the ill-fated strip club visit in January.

Booby Trap's manager George Gettinger confirmed that paramedics had been called following the incident, but insisted that Privette's injuries had been minor.

He said: "A quote from the paramedics was, 'I can't believe you even called us for this'."

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