Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alcohol Ban at Detroit Strip Clubs

The City Council of Detroit is attempting to force all 31 strip clubs to cover up the ladies or stop the serving alcohol. The new rules would also stop lap dancing, close VIP rooms, and force strippers to wear pasties!

Here is a list of proposed changes:

• Alcohol can't be served at any existing or new topless clubs. Once the City Council passes the change, existing clubs would have until their license expires, which is renewed every year, or the anniversary of the date the law was passed, to comply. A Michigan Liquor Control Commission official said Monday it's up to the city to set those restrictions on the liquor licenses.

• Dancers would have to be 6 feet from patrons and on a stage at all times. A stage must be at least 18 inches off the floor in a room of at least 600 feet. That requirement likely would stop clubs from letting customers interact with dancers in smaller rooms, often called VIP areas.

• Dancers would also have to wear pasties..

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