Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Interesting take on Masters in Myrtle Beach

SC Swingers & Sex    Fetish & BDSM in Myrtle Beach

"Masters is the largest gentleman's club on the Grand Strand, probably one of the largest anywhere with over 33,000 square feet. This sounds great - to those who enjoy that kind of thing of course (uncouth louts!) - but it's a flawed concept. Many of the seats are so far away from the gigantic stage that you feel the need for binoculars.

Bringing the nose bleed seats to strip clubs isn't such a fantastic idea.

Again, maybe it was a long week before Christmas thing, but I'd be wary of the Masters. Though it does have relatively cheap beer ($3.75 Bud Lights).

I was in and out in only one beer though, spending the shortest time ever recorded in a strip club by a man (about 20 minutes). Of course, I was only there because I was looking out for you. That's how seriously I take these travel responsibilities."

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